FIX Dark

Exceptional for unique flavors

FIX Dark is a high-quality dark lager launched in 2012.

Based on tradition and FIX beer brewing expertise, the special recipe was associated with the institution of Thessaloniki International Trade Fair (TIF) for many decades. Year after year, its visitors would throng to the FIX stand to enjoy the cold dark beer exclusively produced for this particular event. Its features render it an especially delightful proposal, inspiring the creation of a new category which has revolutionized the standing of dark beer in the domestic market.

Combining values, heritage and FIX know-how, FIX Dark is a pleasant surprise from the first sip with its easy-to-drink quality, balanced flavor and rich creamy head. Its alcohol content is 5.2% and the freshness of apple, banana, caramel and freshly roasted malt aromas dominate its bouquet. In 2013, it received the superior taste award from the International Taste Institute (iTQi).

With its special character, FIX Dark enriches the repertoire of options for the everyday beer consumer. FIX Dark is the ideal accompaniment for seafood, yellow cheeses or even chocolate.

Energy: 179kJ / 43 kcal
Fat: 0 g
of which Saturates: 0 g
Carbohydrate: 2,3 g
of which Sugars: 0,3 g
Proteins: <0.5 g
Salt: 0 g