Athens Retro Festival 21-24/6/2018

The travel in time and in memories starts from the 21st of June until the 24th at the Old Train Station (depot) at Gazi.

It seems like you entered a time machine and you are a child once more. Read More

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Forest Festival June-September

From June 7th to September 20th, with Forest Theatre (Theatro Dassous) in the centre of events, as well as with parallel events at the Theatre of the Earth (Theatro Gis), Vassiliko Theatre and the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, the spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy top theatre, music and dance productions by the most loved creators and the greatest names of the Greek musical scene. Read More

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Parthenωn Film Festival 06-08/07/2018

Parthenώn Film Festival

The 4th Parthenώn Film Festival will be there once again at the village together with FIX Hellas for
on 6-8 July 2018! For the 4th consecutive year FIX Hellas is the Sponsor accompanying these three days at the magic village of Parthenonas at Chalkidiki for a fantastic experience. Read More

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Music Festival Dasous Arvanitsa 13-15/07/2018

Music Festival Dasous Arvanitsa

The Greek Climbing Group of Kyiriakio holds for the 7th consecutive year
at the wonderful Arvanitsa with FIX Hellas being once again the Mega Sponsor. This Festival is the only three-day greek music festival near Attica that takes place in such a special view: the mountain that emerges throughout the firs of Elikonas on an attitude of 1000 metres. Read More

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Saristra Festival 3,4,5/08

Saristra Festival was named from the square of the mountainous village of Vlachata Samis. The idea of making use of this public venue and the abandoned village in particular drives us to the reconnection with the past and the creation of a collective memory. The old fiesta of the village transforms to a contemporary way of entertainment and amusement based on today.
It is the most important art event of the Ionian Sea, a music and visual Festival at Vlachata. Visual exhibitions, movies projection, seminars and workshops are being hosted at the village’s houses. Read More

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Bike Weekend 28,29/04

For two days, on the 28th and 29th of April Athens was full of bikes and of course FIX Anef!

At Syntagma square, the 3rd Athens Bike Ride weekend took place and the Athenian citizens of every age had the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike, to check some of the most interesting “pieces” that are distributed to the market. The whole exhibition took place at the Bike Expo at the center of the Syntagma Square.

Athenians had also the opportunity to meet every sponsor of Athens Bike Weekend but also and their services! Read More

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100th Meet Market

One week before Easter, the Meet Market will be celebrating its Golden anniversary! Yes indeed, it been 10 years and 100 Meet Markets since the very first time we came together with the idea to explore a new type of market, something nomadic and fresh, with well-made products & concepts, and alternative promotion, in a fun, lively, musical setting, open to all.  And so it did just that, and began to grow, attracting more vendors and more visitors each time, establishing a monthly meeting point where creators and appreciators could get together and exchange, share their visions, test their ideas, sell their work, improve, evolve, and create yet another vessel for getting by in these challenging times. Read More

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