Privacy Policy

Olympic Brewery SA, based in Kifissia Attica, Elaion 59, PC 14564, with Tax. Iden No 999188717, Tax Office F.A.E. Athens (the “Olympic Brewery”) and the Carlsberg Group understand that the security of your personal data is extremely important and are committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal data. This Privacy Policy sets out how Olympic Brewery uses your personal information and the measures it has taken to protect and safeguard this data.

By using this site, (the “Website”), Olympic Brewery, a member of the Carlsberg Group, will collect and process information about your visit to the Website. The information is used to improve your own experience, evaluate the use of the site’s features and functions, and for the purposes of personalization and marketing targeting by Olympic Brewery. In this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”), you can read more about how the information is processed, why it is used, who has access to this information, and how you can contact Olympic Brewery about this Policy.

By using the Site, you consent to the use of cookies and other similar tracking technologies (collectively called “Cookies”) in accordance with this Policy. You will have seen a pop-up window on your first visit to the Site. Although it will not usually appear on subsequent visits, you can withdraw your consent at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent for Olympic Brewery to no longer place cookies on your device, you can disable this feature in your browser. Since some cookies are stored locally on your device, you will need to clear your browsing history to get this result. Finally, if you wish to discontinue the processing by Olympic Brewery of the information collected prior to withdrawal of your consent, you may send an email to For more information about the Cookies we use and how to use them, please see our Cookies Policy.

  1. Collection and processing of information

1.1 When you use the Website, Olympic Brewery, as data controller, collects and processes the following information about you for the purpose of functionality and to improve your experience:

– Date of birth

– Language

– Device

– Cookie ID

– IP address

– Time zone setting

– Browser type and version

– Operating system and platform

– Web log

1.2 In addition, when you use the Website, Olympic Brewery, as a data controller, collects and processes certain personal data relating to you as a user for marketing purposes. Olympic Brewery through the Website collects and processes the following personal data when you use the Site or when you send information through the contact forms:

– Contact info

– Cookie ID

– Brand and product preferences

– Geographical position

– Interaction with the brands of Olympic Brewery and Carlsberg

– Frequency of site visits

– Interaction with the Website

– Information obtained in sections of the Site, including chat rooms, forums and social media pages

– Information on your participation in our bids and competitions

– Trading details and market history.

  1. Purpose of processing

The purpose of the processing of the above mentioned personal data is to (i) improve the functionality and experience of using the Website, (ii) to contact you with marketing material if you so choose, and (iii) to promote our products online using Cookies.

Purposes (i) and (ii) are based on the legitimate interest of Olympic Brewery to produce statistics on the use of our Website and to provide the best functionality and experience for the use of the Website. Purpose (iii) is based on your consent to the use of Cookies and our legitimate interest in promoting our products and services.

When processing personal data, Olympic Brewery will separate your data in order to improve your experience with our own marketing activities and to ensure that the ads you see online are targeted to you, as long as the cookies are stored on your device. The separation is done through the use of the Website.

The information is processed exclusively to ensure the best possible experience of using the Website and to send you information (if you have requested and opted to receive it). The processing by Olympic Brewery complies with applicable standards, including, inter alia, applicable data protection laws and security requirements.

  1. Disclosure of information to third parties

Olympic Brewery may be required to share personal information with third parties in order to help us provide our services and / or products to you and to manage our Website. Indicatively, we mention the following categories:

– The Carlsberg Group, for the purpose of storing personal data processed through the Website due to shared information systems.

– Third party service providers, when deemed necessary to provide data analysis services to Olympic Brewery.

– Third party providers of product and service promotion, advertising and related service providers with a view to organizing promotions, marketing our services and / or products and market research.

Olympic Brewery offers chat rooms, forums and message boards, as well as interactive areas where guests can post comments or information for the pleasure of themselves and other visitors.

Olympic Brewery uses the so-called two-click solution, which means that when you visit our Website, your personal information is generally not disclosed to third parties. However, if you click on one of the social share buttons, the information will be transmitted to the relevant provider.

By activating social share buttons, the relevant provider will receive information that your browser has accessed a specific page on our Site.

When we transfer personal data to third parties outside the European Union or the European Economic Area we take additional steps to safeguard them in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Olympic Brewery may be required to transmit personal data to competent authorities in order to comply with a legal obligation or a court order.

  1. Your rights

According to the rules for the protection of personal data you have the following rights:

  1. Right of access to information. You can get more information about your personal data stored and processed by Olympic Brewery.
  2. The right to object. You may object to the processing of your personal data.
  3. The right to correct and limit processing. You can request the correction or restriction of the processing of your personal data.
  4. Right of deletion (‘right to be forgotten’). You can request the deletion of your personal data.
  5. Right to a copy of your personal data (“data portability”). You have the right to obtain a copy of your personal data in a structured, commonly used and mechanically readable form and, if technically feasible, you may request the transfer of personal data directly to another company or other person acting as data controller.
  6. The right to object to the outcome of automated individual decision-making, including profile training. You can ask Olympic Brewery not to make decisions based on automated processing, including profiling, of your personal data, which may significantly affect you.
  7. Right to lodge a complaint. If you have any complaints about the processing of your personal information by Olympic Brewery, you may contact the Personal Data Protection Authority.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights, you can send your request to

Please note that the Olympic Brewery is not always required to take action upon request. This may be due to obligations imposed on Olympic Brewery, such as the law requiring Olympic Brewery to retain personal data, any third party’s rights or anything similar. Olympic Brewery always makes every effort to carefully evaluate each request separately and will justify non-action.

  1. Retention of personal data

Your personal data is retained solely for the time required to fulfill the purpose, for which they were collected, in full compliance with applicable law. When the purpose of processing your personal data is complete, this personal data will be deleted.

  1. Third Party Sites

We note that this Policy does not cover the privacy policies of third-party sites that may be linked to the Site, nor is Olympic Brewery responsible for them.

  1. Changes to the Policy

We may update this Policy and encourage you to review this Policy as well as our Cookies Policy regularly to keep track of how your personal information is processed. This Policy was last updated in October 2019.