Saristra Festival 3,4,5/08

14 May 2018by efytrakis

Saristra Festival was named from the square of the mountainous village of Vlachata Samis. The idea of making use of this public venue and the abandoned village in particular drives us to the reconnection with the past and the creation of a collective memory. The old fiesta of the village transforms to a contemporary way of entertainment and amusement based on today.
It is the most important art event of the Ionian Sea, a music and visual Festival at Vlachata. Visual exhibitions, movies projection, seminars and workshops are being hosted at the village’s houses. In cooperation with International Athens Video Art Festival many installations and acts are being presented.

                                                   “Saristra festival”

Saristra Festival meets a difficult target, to attract people from different ages. Free entrance, a variety of activations and venue’s distinctiveness make the Festival different.

The majority of our visitors are young and from Greece.

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