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Sophia Vempo Square in Ampelokipi has a completely new appearance following major renovation performed by the Municipality of Athens with the support of Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas as part of the “Adopt Your City” program. Now a sustainable urban space with a significant ecological imprint, it grants residents and visitors in Panormou and greater Athens easy access to a “green break”. Read More

The iconic Perivolaki Ethnikis Antistasis Park in Koukaki just got a new lease of life after the completion of the renovation performed by the Municipality of Athens with the support of Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas, as part of the “Adopt Your City” program. This special green “oasis”, which for years has been giving a breath of fresh air to young and old alike, has itself been given a refreshing makeover. It is ready once again to be embraced by residents and visitors as an important part of their everyday lives. Read More

Saristra Festival was named from the square of the mountainous village of Vlachata Samis. The idea of making use of this public venue and the abandoned village in particular drives us to the reconnection with the past and the creation of a collective memory. The old fiesta of the village transforms to a contemporary way of entertainment and amusement based on today. It is the most important art event of the Ionian Sea, a music and visual Festival at Vlachata. Visual exhibitions, movies projection, seminars and workshops are being hosted at the village’s houses. Read More

Music Festival Dasous Arvanitsa The Greek Climbing Group of Kyiriakio holds for the 7th consecutive year at the wonderful Arvanitsa with FIX Hellas being once again the Mega Sponsor. This Festival is the only three-day greek music festival near Attica that takes place in such a special view: the mountain that emerges throughout the firs of Elikonas on an attitude of 1000 metres. Read More

From June 7th to September 20th, with Forest Theatre (Theatro Dassous) in the centre of events, as well as with parallel events at the Theatre of the Earth (Theatro Gis), Vassiliko Theatre and the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, the spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy top theatre, music and dance productions by the most loved creators and the greatest names of the Greek musical scene. Read More