The historic FIX Park turns a new page and is ready to welcome Athens residents and visitors

The Municipality of Athens along with Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas breathe new life into Patissia

The historic FIX Parking Patissia has reopened to the residents and visitors of Athens, after the completion of substantial renovation work performed by the Municipality of Athens, with the support of Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas, as part of theAthens Partnership and “Adopt Your City” program. Located in a neighborhood renowned for having Greece’s first beer brewing and ice-making facility at the turn of the 20th century, this modern and sustainable urban park aspires to become and desirable destination throughout the year.

Covering an area of 7,500 square meters at the crossroads of Patission and Kaftatzoglou streets in Patissia, FIX Park constitutes a literal and spiritual breathing space in one of the most built-up but  vibrant areas in the capital. The basic aim of the renovation was the transformation of the park into a meeting place and recreation site for all ages, enhancing quality of life and offering a new outlet for expression and escape from the everyday routine of city existence.

Considerable effort has been made to follow the most contemporary trends in landscape architecture and environmental planning. In line with a study by Ecoscapes architectural company in cooperation with the Directorate of Green Spaces and Urban Wildlife of the Municipality of Athens, over 4,500 hardy Mediterranean plants of different varieties have been planted; existing trees providing the shade necessary to cut down on irrigation.

With its distinctive zones, the park offers all-comers an educational and sensual experience in nature. At its center is a garden with a bold and colourful mix of flowers and foliage, each season bringing a majestic transformation. The southern section is dedicated to biodiversity, consisting of evergreen Mediterranean bushes and aquatic plants ranged around a fountain. To the west, plane trees and new perennial herbaceous species and bushes make an eye-catching composition, while to the east the lawn has been reseeded and restored to its former glory so as to host outdoor activities.

The park now includes all the modern conveniences and facilities that the modern visitor would expect. All its footpaths are wide and walker-friendly, with 27 conveniently spaced benches, imaginatively designed and crafted by students of AKTO Art & Design College under the guidance of experienced visual artists and as part of a broader cooperation between the college, FIX Hellas and Olympic Brewery.