FIX Hellas, committed to its aim for more beautiful and greener neighborhoods, renovates the “Perivolaki Ethnikis Antistasis” Park

The iconic Perivolaki Ethnikis Antistasis Park in Koukaki just got a new lease of life after the completion of the renovation performed by the Municipality of Athens with the support of Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas, as part of the “Adopt Your City” program. This special green “oasis”, which for years has been giving a breath of fresh air to young and old alike, has itself been given a refreshing makeover. It is ready once again to be embraced by residents and visitors as an important part of their everyday lives.

In line with its commitment to creating greener and cleaner neighborhoods, FIX Hellas this year focused on Koukaki, the location of the FIX Brewery for many years and currently a lively neighborhood attracting all ages. The result is a modern interactive urban park; a valuable public space which makes the ideal destination for anyone with a leisurely stroll, a sporting activity, relaxation or recreation in mind.

Additional trees and over 1,000 Mediterranean plants have brought more natural color and a greater sense of uniformity. The entire urban infrastructure serving the park has been overhauled and equipment updated.  The existing irrigation system has been renovated and extended to cover the whole park. Nesting structures for insects and birds belonging to the urban fauna have been introduced as well as botanical signage to guide visitors through the rich variety of plant life.

Other features include flower beds with attractive plant arches above them and elegant new benches on which visitors can sit and take in nature’s show. The opportunity for exercise is also very much to the fore with modern callisthenic apparatus for people of all ages who wish to keep fit safely in a peaceful green environment.

Finally, the park has undergone an upgrade of another kind. The installation of an autonomous solar powered charging pole is proving very popular among young people who flock to the neighborhood for its cafes and restaurants. Now you can enjoy the new aesthetic elements and have fun in the park with your batteries always fully charged!

Perivolaki Ethnikis Antistasis is the second park renovated by the Municipality of Athens with the support of Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas, preceded by last year’s comprehensive renovation of FIX Park in Patissia.

The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakogiannis stated on the occasion of the renovation:

“We have placed one of our biggest bets on adding with dynamism and urgency a lot greener strokes to the canvas of our city. This cannot be done by words alone, nor with piecemeal and superficial solutions, but with thorough and substantive interventions which replace the grey city hues with the green of nature and life and improve the everyday lives of Athenians. The renovation of the Perivolaki Ethnikis Antistasis Park is one more vital link in the chain of transformation forging onwards to a greener future; a potent collaboration of the Municipality, Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas as part of the Adopt Your City program.”

Mr.DejanBeko, Olympic Brewery Managing Director, added the following:

“Following last year’s renovation of FIX Park in Patissia, this year we deliver to the residents and visitors of Athens the Perivolaki Ethnikis Antistasis Park in Koukaki, a location historically connected to the history of FIX Hellas. All of us in Olympic Brewery are proud and gratified to have contributed to the work of the Municipality of Athens through the Adopt Your City program.  Through actions that give back to the community, we serve our corporate objective; brewing for a better today and tomorrow. We are confident that the park will be enjoyed not only by the local community but also by visitors to the city as a whole.”

Maria Iroidi, Olympic Brewery Marketing Director, also stated regarding the renovation:

“With FIXHellas, in recent years we have focused on supporting neighborhoods with actions that add real value for their residents and visitors. This year, we continue this important project and are delighted to deliver the renovated Perivolaki Ethnikis  Antistasis Park in Koukaki, an area so closely associated with the historic brewery that even the METRO station goes by the name of FIX. It is a new “green” destination in one of the most engaging Athenian neighborhoods offering us all the chance to come and relax! Our aim is to continue to actively contribute to the quest for greener and cleaner neighborhoods for everyone throughout the city! It is up to all of us to realize the importance of this initiative and put green spaces like this one to full use in our everyday lives!”