FIX Hellas renovates Sophia Vempo Square in Ampelokipi

Sophia Vempo Square in Ampelokipi has a completely new appearance following major renovation performed by the Municipality of Athens with the support of Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas as part of the “Adopt Your City” program. Now a sustainable urban space with a significant ecological imprint, it grants residents and visitors in Panormou and greater Athens easy access to a “green break”.

True to its commitment to creating green neighborhoods, FIX Hellas is this year focusing on Ampelokipi by opting to support this transformation of Sophia Vempo Square into a biodiverse, more user-friendly public space in line with the principles of sustainability.

A large part of the work has involved the enrichment and reimagining of its original plant population, resulting in a vibrant, more naturally colorful new park to complement one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Athens. Over 1,120 new plants have stimulated the urban fauna, attracting birds and insects, such as butterflies.  Discreet signage gives visitors information about the plants and their ecological significance, while water troughs for dogs and feeders and nests for birds enhance the animals’ as well as the humans’ experience.

Other improvements add to its credentials as both a user- and eco-friendly environment. Getting around the park and taking a rest is easier now, with all tracks and paths renewed, benches repaired, and new ones installed. With a view to reducing water consumption, a special rain garden boasts the latest in rainwater collection systems and electronically programmed automated plant watering has been put in place.

Environmentally friendly materials were used in the renovation work. For example, part of the timber came from a large tree that removed in the interests of safety, while ramps, steps and seating were made out of old railway sleepers.

Sophia Vempo Square is the third public area to be renovated by the Municipality of Athens, with the support of Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas. Perivolaki Ethnikis Antistasis Park in Koukaki and FIX Park in Patissia were similarly renovated in 2022 and 2021 respectively.

Kostas Bakogiannis, the Mayor of Athens made the following comments on the occasion of the renovation:

“The neighborhood of Ampelokipi now has a renovated, modern green area, a new breathing space.  Sophia Vempo Square is destined to be a focal point in the everyday life of Athenians one in a long list of green projects being undertaken by the Municipality of Athens in the city center and surrounding neighborhoods. We offer our warm thanks to Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas for their valuable contribution to making our city more beautiful and pleasant to be in.”

Maria Iroidi, Olympic Brewery Marketing Director, added:

“We derive a tremendous sense of joy and satisfaction from our consistent support of neighborhoods, through actions and projects that add real value for their residents and visitors. Along with FIX Hellas and the Municipality of Athens, after the renovation of the parks in Patissia and Koukaki, we are now bringing a more beautiful and greener Sophia Vempo Square to Ampelokipi! Guided by principles of sustainability, our aim is to continue contributing actively through collaborations that improve our everyday lives!”